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Why Women Ruin Everything For Women

If the thought of a kiss makes you think “sexual assault,” then maybe you need to rethink the people with whom you associate. Don’t project that warped world view onto the rest of society and ruin it for the normal people. The feminist minority might want Ashley Wilkes, but the rest of us want Rhett Butler.

Women complain that the available men today are beta males. We want them to man up, we want them to be bold, but what do we do when they are? We accuse them of all manner of wickedness. We can blame the men all we want, but is it really reasonable to do so? Ladies, would we not be better served to blame the true culprit: feminism? It is feminists who have men afraid to be men. It is feminists who have made it impossible for men to be strong and then berated them for their weakness. It is the rest of us who are letting them get away with it, and that has to stop.

Women - Stand against the shrews and stand up for men.

Men - Stop letting said shrews dictate your behavior. They’re not the boss of you.

And, women? Please stop ruining everything for women.


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