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Doomsday Preppers Week 12: Rocks and Holes for Valentine's Day

As part of Doug's other preps, he's decided to take some of the "heavy metal" equipment from his quarry operation to his 50 acres of land to help bury a shipping container that he'll turn into a bunker. This will be the family's living quarters if the worst occurs. Unlike most preppers on the show who have gone the route of putting in a shipping container and simply burying it in dirt again, Doug has moved some serious rock to put in a massive downslope septic tank and a solid reinforced-concrete slab two-feet thick. His crew will then waterproof the container's exterior before lowering it into place, where they will then lay down concrete on the sides and top. Doug intends for his bunker to last 150 years.

Considering Doug's skill with moving rock and boulders, it isn't a surprise that he uses this most durable of building material to create and shield his supply caches, nor that he uses it to create fortifications and other defenses. He's created strategic rockslides that can be triggered to block roads leading to his property, and a quartet of stone pillboxes to create defensive firing positions around the bunker.

Despite all his "rock solid" work, the show's experts weren't as impressed with Doug's food, water, and security measures, which I can only presume means the lack of obvious weapons training and just Doug and his friend In├ęz defending the property and their families. That allowed, they expect Doug to last a year with a full 12 months of survival time -- and that ain't bad.