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3 Tips for 'Owning' Your Name on Google's First-Page Results

#2: Raise your profile(s)

Be sure to join as many reputable social sharing sites as possible, and complete your profile in a smart way.

For example:

Instead of writing "San Diego real estate professional" in your Twitter profile, substitute "FirstName LastName is a San Diego real estate professional."

Talk about yourself in the third person in all your profiles.

By doing this, your all-important first and last name will be visible in the subsequent Google title tags and meta descriptions.

Here are the sites you should join, even if you don't think you'll be posting many photos to Picasa or posting many videos to YouTube:

  • Facebook (Profile and Page)
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Picasa
  • Flickr
  • Klout
  • YouTube
  • Google Places
  • Google Profile
  • Wikipedia
  • AllTop
  • Crunchbase
  • FastCompany
  • SlideShare
  • AllTop
  • Disquis