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Doomsday Preppers Week 11: Farmers and Flyboys

John's plan in the event that they are forced to flee is to hole up on the nearby mountain, and then snipe at the invaders below from the high ground. It's not a terrible theory, but he then bizarrely announces the horrible selection of a weapon to carry out his plan, an AR-15 carbine with an Eotech sight. Eotechs are excellent holographic weapon sights, but they are designed for close-range combat, not long-range shooting.

Compounding the strangeness of his selection, when they finally do go up the mountain in their camo ghillie suits with their firearms, the gun John talked about wasn't what he was carrying; he took position carrying a long-barreled AR-15 varmint rifle with a large conventional rifle scope. They play at being sniper and spotter, but when John calls for a range-to-target from Kelly and can't get any better than "300 to 350 yards" on their own property, and John fires from a poorly supported sitting position without using a sling or the bipod mounted in his rifle, it's pretty obvious they have little idea what they are doing. Oh well. Nobody is perfect, and even near misses from the mountain might be enough to force invaders to flee.

The experts on the show give them 13 months of survival time, which isn't bad since they don't have the huge supply of a year's worth of food set aside. In my opinion, John and Kelly may be some of the best-prepared preppers the show has seen. This isn't something they do part time or prepare for; this is something they live, and frankly, I'm a little jealous of their "back to the land" approach to living a simple life.