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The Plan So I Don't Waste the Last Year of My 20s

The Golden Apple of Discord, instigator of chaos, and a favorite mythological reference for Robert Anton Wilson, the countercultural satirist-intellectual.

3. Laughing at Life on Wednesday: Take Yourself Less Seriously.

Wednesday Bookshelf and Blogging Focus: Researching the life, work, and ideas of Robert Anton Wilson separating the wheat from the chaff.

To borrow a phrase from the author of Cosmic Trigger, I've taken myself too damn seriously these past few years. Focusing full-time on trying to understand the political ideology of Barack Obama and his Chicago gang has led me down some dark intellectual corners and granted a generally pessimistic political disposition. And so it shall remain for Obama's second term -- and it will get much, much worse when the impeachment comes in a few years. So to lighten up a bit, I've decided to finally read the novels of one of my favorite countercultural thinkers, Robert Anton Wilson.

I'm hoping that looking at him with older, less naive eyes I'll understand the positive and negative qualities of his work better than during my undergraduate days. And it'll get me thinking more about what's funny and why laughter is an important part of our lives we need to fight to maintain and nurture. Is life looking a bit too bleak and dark? We can choose to change ourselves at a chemical, physical level by laughing more.