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Extreme Makeover: Planned Parenthood Edition

Also at the site, we find three “nuanced” messages from :

Erin Carhart

This is an issue beyond the ways in which we define one another. Abortion is a private health matter, plain and simple. If you think about it, abortion is about choice and life, so really the labels we've previously placed on this term don't even make sense.

Destiny Robinson

I think that the labels pro-choice and pro-life put people in boxes. Abortion is not a boxed-in issue, it's a very complex issue it has a lot of different parts to it, a lot of decision making goes behind a woman deciding to have an abortion so putting a label on it is just not fair.

Kelsey Warrick

Roe means so many things to me. Most importantly, however, is how Roe is a symbol of progress for our nation. We need to remove the label of pro-choice and pro-abortion and move towards a notion of reproductive justice and equality.

Did you notice something that the three of these have in common?

Abortion. Abortion. Abortion.

Not one of them mentions an alternative to abortion. Which, of course, is in line with Planned Parenthood’s philosophy and practice.