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13 Weeks: Week 12 — In Which We Get Cross and Fit

Thirteen Weeks Season Two: The Plan

So here it is.

Eating plan

  • target at least 175g a day of protein. The old plan was 200, but frankly I almost never made it.
  • target grams of fat > grams protein. There's some good reason to think that you need plenty of fat in a high-protein low-carb diet.
  • do not exceed 30 grams of net carbs, defined as total carbs in grams - fiber in grams.

Exercise plan

  • A Sun Salutation yoga routine every morning.
  • one aerobic session using a Tabata protocol every day except Sunday. I'm going to mix this up among kettlebell exercises, martial arts exercises, and exercise bike. I've just finished rearranging my bedroom to make this easy.


My workout corner. There's also an Xbox Kinect on the TV I'm facing from here.

  • Lift weights twice a week using the same slow-repetition routine I started in the first season. Basically the reasoning was good, my compliance was dreadful.
  • Either a yoga lesson or a Pilates lesson every week.

So there it is. This starts officially on February 1, but I'm going to start unofficially tomorrow. For some value of tomorrow.