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Doomsday Preppers Week 10: Survivors and Ghosts

While Ray and Lindsey won't suffer the fools lacking the wisdom to amass skills, they do understand "safety in numbers," and they've made the wise decision to ally with like-minded individuals in their area who are both physically fit and equipped with the necessary skills.

In this episode, they highlighted two new recruits to the team, both of whom are active duty military with good gun handling and small unit tactics. As the producers love to do, they carried out a practice bug-out and had the two recruits clear the bug-out location, encountering an unexpected surprise when they find the cabins occupied.

As always, the shows experts graded Ray and Lindsey's preparations, and as usual, I disagree with their scores to a certain extent. Practical Preppers places Ray and Lindsey second of all preppers this season, behind prepper-inventor John Adrain from episode five, and while the score was was close, I don't for a second believe that a single individual in late middle age relying heavily on electronic technology has a better chance of long-term survival over a highly skilled group with a deep reservoir of supplies, a relatively secure and remote location, deep agricultural skills, and military skills and discipline.

If I were a betting man, I'd put my money on Lindsey and Ray being the most well-rounded preppers featured in either season of the show.