5 Reasons Men Cheat

2) The woman lets herself go

Here's an unpleasant truth that shatters some of the romantic myths we like to believe about ourselves: Very rarely will you see an unmarried couple separated by more than 2 points of attractiveness unless the man is a celebrity or filthy rich. So, would that model-hot wife have ever fallen for the average looking senator if he had never been elected? Would Julia Roberts have ever dated Lyle Lovett if he wasn't already famous? Would Kanye West date Kim Kardashian if she didn't look like that?

We hate to hear this, but no, no, and no.

This is why it's very dangerous for a woman to let herself become frumpy if her husband is still in shape. Because he might not say it (for good reason) or ever act on it, but the words, "Wow, I could do a lot better" are going to go through his mind. That's dangerous because it means at some point, he's going to be around some pretty little thing who excites him in a way the wife no longer does and next thing you know...