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Will the Gun-Grabbers Create a 'No Buy List' Using Your Prescription Records?

Hypothetically, would you be on the “no buy list”?

Perhaps you would be asked, “Do you now, or have you ever taken Xanax or Ativan for anxiety?” (of course, there's no need to ask, the authorities already know). 

If the answer is, "Yes," you might make the "no buy list" because the side effects for those drugs can include thoughts of suicide, agitation, rage, and hostility. Or maybe you’re OK, but your teenager takes Adderall for attention deficit disorder. Perhaps the DOJ would justify confiscating your guns because the side effects of Adderall can be pretty serious: extreme nervousness, paranoid delusions, mood swings that include hostility and severe aggression. If you're taking Ambien for your sleep problems you should probably just go to your nearest gun turn-in event, hand your guns over to authorities, and take the gift card right now before Eric Holder shows up at your door. The gun-grabbers will have grave concerns about sleepwalking semi-automatic gun owners staging midnight raids on their refrigerators. 

And technology is making it increasingly easier to track your prescription drug use. The NY Daily News reported this week that the city will be equipping "bait bottles" with GPS technology to track stolen OxyContin. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said, "We're also asking industry researchers to explore the possibility of applying nanotechnology in such a way that individual 'bait' tablets could be tracked by GPS."

Perhaps this all sounds like the stuff of the conspiracy theory crowd. But we live in an era when our president issues executive orders usurping his constitutional authority with immunity. I heard an interview the other day with a hero of the conservative movement (and a hero of mine), Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), in which he said he also believes the president is usurping his constitutional authority with some of these executive orders. What I didn’t hear him say is that he and his colleagues plan to do anything about it. Congress is one of our last stands for preserving the separation of powers — and our liberty, for that matter — and there is no apparent political will for that battle.

Anything seems possible in Obama’s brave, new second term. We cannot allow Obama to rush unimpeded into this flurry of executive orders that could potentially enable the government to grab guns from law-abiding citizens in an unlawful manner without due process. We must ask important questions about patient privacy and rights, the definition of mental illness, and also, who will have access to these expansive drug databases.

"How else do you explain two otherwise decent kids, very smart, no history of violence to other kids in the school....why them? Why did this happen? It's an extremely legitimate question to pose and it demands an investigation." -- Michael Moore on the role of prescription drugs in the Columbine shootings.


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