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The So-Called Assault Weapons on My Rifle Range

At Appleseed, we're big on the phrase "Shoot like a girl... if you can." Women like this instructor firing a scoped version of a semi-automatic M1 Garand battle rifle in the prone position tend to be excellent shooters.

When not distracted by the machinations of working a bolt-action, pumping a pump-action, or working a lever, shooters can focus on the far more important tasks of establishing a natural point of aim and and precisely following the six steps of firing a shot.  In order to accurately, repeatedly fire shots into a tight group, a shooter has to align the front and rear sights, bring the aligned sights onto the target, find her respiratory pause, focus the eyes on the front sight while focusing the mind on the the target, squeeze the trigger, and follow through.

That's hard work, despite what your experience playing Call of Duty or Halo on Xbox suggests.