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13 Weeks: Week 11 -- In Which We Consolidate Our Losses

Continuing Efforts

Besides the additions, I'll be continuing my diet (ooh, that word) plan for another 13 weeks.  It's worked, what can I say?  The short summary is 200g protein and 200g fat every day, with no more than 30g net (ie, total carbs minus fiber) carbs, and a daily food diary to track this.  I made one more addition to this by buying a digital scale.  I know, I said I wasn't going to be one of those people that weighs everything, but the truth is that I've learned it's hard to keep a good food diary without one: it's hard to track things like the amount of meat in a serving or the quantity of kim chi I have with my eggs (it's good, try it!)

The food diary is something that needs work. I've been using Lose It!; when I started I was pretty satisfied with it, but there have been some problems. First, I have been noticing that their nutrition information isn't very reliable. I noticed this first when I looked at my day's nutrition and saw that I'd had something like 3000 grams of carbs that day, and while I thought it was perhaps plausible that I'd overshot, I was pretty sure I hadn't had ten pounds of carbs that day. I worked back through the day's meals and discovered that the data they had for one variety of salami included something like 640g of carbs -- more than 22 ounces -- per one-ounce serving. Second, and more annoying to my OCD science-guy side, was that they had some system problems and application problems around the first of the year, which resulted in me losing all my data for January 1 (grr) and having to uninstall the iPod and Kindle apps; they were corrupting the data. The connection to Withings was also a problem, although that was in part me; I can't resist weighing myself several times in a day, and when I connected to the Withings with Lose It!, that meant I was posting new weights several times a day, most of them being weight gains. (Now, this isn't the way you're supposed to use it, but it's the way I use it.)  Lose It! has been very responsive and their customer support folks were quick to apologize, but that couldn't bring back my 1 January data; it was gone, and I didn't realize there'd been a problem until long after I'd forgotten what I'd eaten that day.  They gave me a year's Premium membership to make up with me, but I still need to be confident in my tools.

I'm beginning to think about some new diet and exercise software; I'll keep you up to date on what my thoughts are. I'm also interested in any suggestions.


Here's a word I hate, perhaps even more than "diet". "Online community" and "social network" and all -- I'm tired of them.  But I have noticed two things with this experiment: first, I get a lot of support from my readers; and second, I've got a number of readers who say I'm inspiring them. So I'm going to start inviting people to make their own 13 (or 14 or whatever) week plans, and linking them.  If enough people are interested, maybe I'll make up a web site, although that sounds an awful lot like work.

In any case, though, I'm going to continue to report on my own plan, and looking forward to your responses. I think this is going to be an interesting next 13 weeks.