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5 Things My Dogs Taught Me About Human Beings

3) Happiness Is About Doing, not Relaxing.

Dogs spend a lot of time resting, relaxing, and sleeping. It's a good life, one that most of us want for ourselves one day after we're done working. But the funny thing about dogs is that they don't aspire to spend their lives sleeping in a hammock on a beach. Although dogs seem content while they're living the lazy life, they come alive when they're moving. My dog Jackson is happy to go outside; he jumps around in little circles. Patton? Nothing got him more excited than running feral cats or squirrels out of the yard. That was his job and he was a pro at it.

We're not any different. Sure, it's fun to do nothing every once in awhile, but life really hums when we're in motion. Are you bored? Get moving! Do you need some more excitement in your life? Get moving! Do you want to be so happy that you jump around in a little circle? Get moving! A little rest is good for you, but ultimately, it's just the filler as you move from chasing squirrels to playing fetch...or, well, whatever your equivalent happens to be.

Does Patton look like he was having fun here? Does Patton look like he was having fun here?