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5 Things My Dogs Taught Me About Human Beings

2) It's Not All About Words.

If you're someone like me who writes for a living and places a lot of emphasis on words, one of a dog's most amazing traits is the ability to make people like him without ever saying a word. How does a small, shaggy creature with bad hygiene, the brains of a two year old, and the inability to speak make everyone fall in love with him? By displaying a host of traits that we admire in both humans and animals. Whether they're playing with a toy or chasing a squirrel, dogs are enthusiastic. They're loyal. When I was wiped out sick in bed, 20 hours a day with the Norwalk virus, my dog Patton was right there with me. If I was in bed, he was in bed.

Dogs are always trying to find a way to touch you, whether it's being petted or just lying across your foot. They're genuinely excited to see you, even when you've just been gone for 30 minutes. How many people can we say that about? Dogs trust you, believe in you, and know you're a good person. How many people in your life have you managed to get to believe that all the way down to their bones? There's nothing wrong with being suave, smooth, and sophisticated, but just remember that our four-legged friends are none of those things and few of us will ever be as well-liked as a friendly dog.

Patton used to do this every day, waiting for me to come home. Patton used to do this every day, waiting for me to come home.