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13 Weeks: Week 10 -- In Which We Scheme

Me after 10 weeks.

Nearly as important, I feel good. After some hesitation and a lot of rearranging the baggage, I feel pretty good about myself, and I've gotten a sense of where my life-long feeling of being "fat and disgusting" came from and I'm coping with it better.

Hell, maybe I think that's more important.

Maybe most important of all, IĀ discoverĀ I'm actually inspiring other people. I've got more than 500 followers on my Facebook page now, and a bunch of them are starting their own programs of low-carb eating; there are a lot of other people who've used the low-carb approach to great success now, cheering us on. "Community" has become a horribly overworked buzzword, but this is at least a bunch of people who are finding this helpful. That makes me feel good too.

At the same time, the first 13 week experiment certainly wasn't a 100 percent success. My intentions to exercise were overwhelmed by things like holidays, my first-ever gout attack, and general sloth. And while I've got a handle on my feelings about physical appearance, I still have healing and re-evaluation to do.

So, it's time to start thinking about the next 13 weeks. I don't expect right now to change my eating plan; frankly, it's working great. I just had a four egg omelet with shallots and longhorn cheese for breakfast, and I'm not feeling even a little deprived. (And when I've indulged in something heavy in easily-absorbed carbs, I've felt like hell; heavy in wheat, even worse. Powerful reinforcement.)

What I do want to do is formalize an exercise plan. I didn't in the first 13 weeks because, frankly, I hate formal exercise. There's a good bit of fat-boy-in-gym-class baggage with that too. But this time I'm getting some help.