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Doomsday Preppers Week 8: Of Castles and Kings

It's also where Brent has sunk his fortune, and he's going to have his kids duke it out to determine which — one from each failed marriage — become trustees of his castle estate.

I do question the utility of Brent's castle construction, however. While it may be nice when finished (and I'm in love with his great room fireplace), the castle features massive open windows that will provide few places for defenders to hide. Instead of a defensive stronghold, he's created a deathtrap. Brent may have been a soldier (and an engineer), but he rather obviously wasn't tasked with building defensive fortifications if a liberal arts schmo like myself can find holes in his defenses you could drive a Willys Jeep through.

The worst part of the "Brent experience," however, was watching him attempt to train his kids how to shoot. Maybe some sadists find it hilarious to give a 100-pound girl a double-barrel 12-gauge loaded with buckshot to shoot. I did not. I also did not find it amusing to have one half-assed "expert" wade into the middle of a bunch of untrained shooters with loaded weapons who seemed on the cusp of muzzling each other or themselves every single movement. We were also almost treated to an out-of-battery discharge, as one of the girls attempted to pull the trigger on a Mosin-Nagant without the bolt being properly closed.

Now, this is almost certainly biased against medieval-minded idiots, but if you have scads of money to waste, build a functional and far less ornate defensive structure (a traditional keep would function relatively well) and spend far more on amassing a common weapons cache and professional training for those whom you would presumably have saving one another, not shooting one another.

As they are all likely to be executed in the bunker, due to bad design turning his castle into a lightning rod  -- you'll have to watch, I can't bear any more -- and much of their food seems to consist of expired MREs, maybe firearms training is the least of their worries.