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The Top 10 Funniest 'Right-Sided' Political Videos of 2012

# 5. Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan

Another song parody with clever lyrics, this song is so catchy you will announce yourself as Paul Ryan for hours after you watch this video (at least in your head).

 # 4. Obama Supporter Interviews Her 2008 Self

Last year I excluded my own videos from this list, but this year I’m making an exception because… well, because I can. But really it’s because this was a collaboration, and my very funny and talented collaborator deserves recognition. David Stein of republicanpartyanimals.org and I produced this parody of this viral video, and it got over 2 million hits (if you include the stolen versions still up on YouTube). You could argue that including myself in the top 5 funniest videos of the year is vain, self-absorbed, and exploitative, and to that I would say... and your point is?

# 3. "Eye of the Sparrow" -- A Bad Lip Reading of the First Presidential 2012 Debate

I’ve always enjoyed a Bad Lip Reading, except when I misread George H.W. Bush’s lips. I thought he said "no new taxes." Kind of reminds me of some other Republicans I know. The people over at BLR are always funny, but this one went even more wacky than usual, making for even more lol moments.