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The Top 10 Funniest 'Right-Sided' Political Videos of 2012

# 8. Ryan Girl, Let’s Get Physical

A spoof on Obama Girl, this video is a lot of fun. You have to watch it multiple times to get all the clever song lyrics and clues in the background. For example, I just now noticed the cover of Atlas Shrugged on the bulletin board in the background, and I usually have a keen Atlas Shrugged radar that never fails me.

# 7. Steven Crowder Lena Dunham Parody

Funnyman and Fox contributor Steven Crowder sadly did not produce a ton of content this year -- until he got punched by an union guy, but that wasn't really funny. He did manage to put on his hipster lesbian outfit for this parody of Lena Dunham’s controversial commercial for the Obama campaign. I wish I’d had more of your videos to choose from this year, Mr. Crowder. Get busy!

# 6. Deck the Halls with Macro Follies

Economic issues can be so complicated and hard to relate to our daily experience. I love videos that make economics simple to understand, especially with humor.