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3 Positive Trends That Might Transform Our Country for the Better In the Next 2 Years

So in the interest of letting a little light into the room, and with a full realization that our president is doing a bad job, the congress incapable of stopping him and the media protecting him with coverups and lies, let me list three positive trends that might transform our country for the better in the next two years.

1. Fracking.

As I've said before, Obama and the EPA will ultimately be splatter on the windshield of this progress. There's energy in them thar hills and eventually we're going to get at it, whether these luddite environmental knuckleheads like it or not. That means wealth, energy independence, jobs, power and a reboot of Dallas. Obama may be choosing decline but the rest of the country may well choose prosperity and growth in spite of him.

2. Federalism.

Around the country, conservative governors are taking action that could galvanize reform nationwide. Right to work laws, state budget cuts, reduced property taxes and creative approaches to education. As prosperity follows these practices — and abandons California and Illinois and other lagging states — they will gain credence with the general population and make political stars of the governors who supported them.

3. Reality is on our side.

When I call Obama a reactionary, what I mean is that he adheres to a grievance-based, socialist ideology he learned in college from professors who were probably old even then. As these academics die and go to hell for all eternity, up-and-comers may begin to notice that the poor suffer under left-wing programs and rise under the free market, that education improves under conservative guidance and gets worse under liberals, and that big business actually gets more entrenched and powerful under the left while the right helps the little guy thrive. That, after all, will be the off-beat, radical position, and academics love to be off-beat and radical as long as everyone around them is being off-beat and radical too. A new generation is already on the rise that understands entitlements are unsustainable and that freedom works. It won't be long at all before we begin to hear their voices in the mainstream. I hope.

Look, I'm not exactly sanguine. Our republic has gone past the 200-year limit for republics. Islamist fundamentalists are on the march — and history shows religious fundamentalism is never a good thing for anyone. The free market is unfairly in disrepute and the family disastrously in decline. Non-fundamentalist religion is corrupt where there's any religion at all and atheism is massively destructive whenever it takes over the majority. Things, in other words, are almost as bad as they always are.

But while there are cycles and phases in history — and while everything made by mortals surely dies — modernity has shown itself full of unique moments and last minute rescues. I think of New York City before Giuliani; America before Reagan. Things can look pretty damn dark before the sun comes over the hill.

So really the only question is: you want to grumble and despair or start pushing the sun up the hill? That's what I figured. Start pushing.


Image courtesy shutterstock / style_TTT

Cross-posted from Klavan on the Culture: "Why So Serious? Is Conservative Despair Justified?"

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