Doomsday Preppers Week 7: Let's Drown the Family

Christine H. is a suburban housewife in Virginia Beach terrified of the possibility of a mega tsunami -- specifically, the collapse of an active volcano in the Canary Islands 3,500 miles away. She fears a wall of water hundreds of feet high moving 500 MPH will scour the Eastern Seaboard down to bedrock.This is utterly insane and based upon junk science for a bad BBC TV show, but whatever: it's television, not real life.

Oh, wait...

She's dedicated considerable amount of time organizing, cataloging, and sub-categorizing everything in her garage she's put together in her prepping, and appears more than a little OCD.Protip™: Load the trailer, not your shelves, and leave it in the garage. If the kaka hit the air circulation device, you back up the van, hook it up, and you're gone in minutes. That, of course, makes way too much sense, and will not work for the OCD types that like to re-catalog and re-organize everything constantly.

Christine's backup plan for if the roads are too congested?

Inflatable rafts.