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The Imaginary Rabbi and the Dead End Kid: Another Evening with Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla

The two of them violated the First Rule of Comedy Teams: that the best ones feature An Idiot Who Knows Nothing and An Idiot Who Knows Everything. Prager and Carolla are definitely non-idiots, and their admirers would call them nigh on infallible.

After their wildly successful "first date" on the radio, the idea of these two compulsive performers sharing their new friendship with the rest of America seemed obvious.

Armed only with a couple of chairs and microphones, Carolla and Prager mounted one stage, then another, and were gratified by the number of folks who paid good money to enjoy their low-tech, high-minded "act."

Moeller had intuited what thousands of audience members have since discovered after attending "an evening with..." Prager and Carolla: their similarities and differences create an effortless chemistry.

Both Prager and Carolla have loyal fanbases who bring their own enthusiasm to the theaters. (Tickets sell out pretty quickly.)

If you can't make it to one of these shows (and new ones are added all the time) the next best thing is to pick up the high quality recordings of these low-key yet hilarious and thought-provoking shows.

The latest Adam Carolla/Dennis Prager recording captures their appearances in Philadelphia and Redondo Beach.

As always, the show consists of Prager and Carolla's unscripted musings on party politics, child rearing, hard work, sports, food, health, and much more.