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The 5 Unique Ways Intelligent People Screw Up Their Lives

4) They're used to being right so much that they stop listening to other people.

When you're a genius, you get used to being right when everyone else around you is wrong. You outsmart other people, you out-test them, you outmaneuver them, and you get very used to moving forward even when other people are telling you that you're wrong. This is not a bad thing. It just goes with the territory. However, whether you're talking about you, me, Einstein -- it doesn't matter, everybody makes mistakes. The problem the smartest person in the room has when he screws up is that he may assume that this is one of those many, many times when he's gotten it right and everyone else has blown it. Next thing you know, you're Mike Markkula pushing Steve Jobs out at Apple or Lyndon Johnson dramatically ramping up our forces in Vietnam while simultaneously making decisions from Washington that made it completely impossible to ever win the war. No amount of intellect will ever replace the value of wise counsel.