5 Simple Mind Hacks That Changed My Life

2) How to make a final decision.

I have many flaws, but one of them isn't a lack of decisiveness. I'm good at making decisions. However, like a lot of people, I used to do too much rehashing. Did I make the right call? Should I reconsider? Then, when things did go wrong, I used to kick myself because I'd obviously made the wrong decision... ehr, right?


Often, there is no obviously correct decision. You have two almost equally attractive options and you must choose between them knowing that ultimately it may be the wrong call. So how do you deal with that? I adopted a rule that I learned from reading billionaire Richard Branson: "When you have to make a decision, think carefully about it, pick the best option, and then don't revisit it again unless you receive new information."

This rule allowed me to stop over-thinking decisions and quit second guessing myself so that I could make the best possible call and live with it. If it works for a corporate genius like Branson, it'll work for the rest of us, too.