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The Shroud of Turin: The Mystery that Science and Technology Will Someday Solve

However, the radiocarbon dating performed in 1988 on a small piece of the outer Shroud cloth “proving” that the Shroud dated back to only the Middle Ages was debunked by a noted American chemist named Raymond Rogers. Rogers proved conclusively that the sample used for dating was not part of the original image area but was sewn on during the Middle Ages after a fire damaged the outer edges of the Shroud.

Then back in March of 2010, just in time for Easter and a month before the Shroud was openly displayed in Turin, Italy, the History channel aired a special documentary on the Shroud using the latest 3D modeling technology. The documentary earned historic ratings, according to director Trey Nelson.

If you have not seen this program called The Real Face of Jesus?, it is worth viewing. (See the entire program embedded above.) The popular documentary was based on an “unprecedented feat of science and technology” and relied “on the most sophisticated electronic tools and software available.”

At the end of the film there is a face of a man, computer-modeled from the Shroud visage, that is presented as representing the true face of Jesus Christ if indeed the Shroud is the burial cloth of Jesus.

In the future you can expect to see more of these kinds of studies, since 3D-modeling technology is evolving quickly. Now since this science applied to the Shroud is especially intriguing (and profitable for the History channel) Sindonology -- the term used to describe the formal study of the Shroud -- will benefit greatly from any new modeling breakthroughs.

Therefore it is with full faith that I believe science and technology together will eventually unravel the great enduring mystery of the Shroud of Turin. Sometime in the coming decades (or maybe even sooner) there will be an unveiling of hard evidence (akin to a “smoking gun”) proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that this cloth bears witness to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

For nothing is impossible with God.