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The Shroud of Turin: The Mystery that Science and Technology Will Someday Solve

Yes, Jesus, that still-controversial figure whose very birth defines the time of man between B.C. (Before Christ) and A.D. (Anno Domini, Latin for “Year of our Lord”), is the central focus of the Shroud.

Now, if that is enough to deter you from continuing to read this piece or pursuing further exploration on your own, it is worth remembering that Jesus was also an historical figure mentioned in official Roman documents, in addition to all the New Testament books of the Bible.

But regardless of whether you believe Jesus lived, died, and was resurrected, it cannot be disputed that he was then and still is today the most influential being who has ever existed in all human history.

Jesus Christ’s influence on the world in terms of culture, history, kingdoms, religion, empires, war, art, music, architecture, printing, human relations, charity, literature, exploration, population relocation, medicine, education, holidays, etc., cannot be refuted.

In other words, if you live on this planet, Jesus has had an effect on your life whether you care to acknowledge Him or not. (An excellent book on this subject, What If Jesus Had Never Been Born?, was written by Dr. D. James Kennedy in 1994.)

Conversely, if Jesus had not been resurrected, the world’s largest religion, Christianity, would not have grown and thrived for centuries and Jesus’ influence on mankind would have been minimal or non-existent.

So that is why the mysterious Shroud, which could prove Christ’s physical  resurrection -- the foundation of Christianity, is still an open and active cause célèbre among believers in Jesus’ divinity and members of the scientific community who continue to study the Shroud and remain intrigued by its unique properties.