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The 5 Most Fantastic Technical Advances Coming in Our Future of Abundance

Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think is exactly what anyone feeling pessimistic about the world should read. That's because it's hard to get down about the future when you read about stunning technological advances on the horizon that will soon change the planet for the better. Here, try it for yourself!

1) 3D Printing: Get ready to geek out because, yes, a rudimentary replicator exists. 3D printers can create everything from lampshades to prosthetic limbs out of steel, titanium, glass, and plastic among other materials. Inventor Behrokh Khoshnevis has even come up with a 3-D printer that uses concrete to build low-income housing for the third world. Granted, this isn't as powerful or efficient as a Star Trek replicator, but when the technology improves enough to be mass produced and becomes cheap enough for most people to afford, it will be amazing. Picture it now: you're shopping on Amazon and you see a TV you like. You then walk over to your 3D printer, hit a button, and thirty minutes later, you're kicking back and watching House reruns. Granted, it won't make a pork chop or materialize what you want out of thin air like a replicator, but it would represent an amazing leap forward.