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From Crackhead to Crack Shot Navy SEAL: The Amazing Story of Adam Brown

Unlike most books of this type, Blehm does not go into great detail about weapons, training, or even combat missions. A good reason for the latter is that the details of Brown’s unit’s most successful missions are classified. But what is disclosed is both heroic and eye-opening, providing some of the only specs on SEAL Team SIX success rates in combat missions -- in particular their focus on eradicating the suicide bombing and IED networks in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Fearless is first a character study of a man with remarkable determination, who after almost destroying himself would not let circumstances destroy his mission.  It is also a touching love story, a look at life in a military family in a particularly stressful type of service, and a testament to the power of faith.

While it is published by a Christian publisher and does not sugarcoat the faith of the Browns, Fearless is not a preachy book, merely an honest one. Brown’s Christian faith clearly fueled his turnaround and the foundation of the man he became.

The profanity, which I mentioned earlier, is hardly excessive, particularly for this genre. The “f” word, for instance, makes an occasional appearance as ”f***.” There is just enough off-color language for authenticity’s sake, so that SEALs in combat situations don’t sound like a Romney family gathering saying “Golly” all the time.

Brown’s last mission is told in pulse-pounding detail, and a moving coda reminds us of the sacrifice these men and their families make for the rest of us.

Fearless is a remarkable achievement, a great telling of a great American story.