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The 7 Deadly Sins of Conversation

2) Being depressing: Everyone has tragedy come into his life at some point or another and so it's okay to be sad sometimes. That's part of life. However, when depression becomes a long-term thing, it's a problem. First off, if you're not on your death bed and you've been depressed for months over just about anything, you should be consulting a psychologist. It may FEEL normal and natural to you to be depressed long term, but that's not so. Human beings are not supposed to walk around in a semi-permanent funk for any reason and if it's happening to you, you need to get it taken care of, just like you would a broken arm. There's no shame in it -- this is a medical problem like any other.

Getting beyond that, most people are fairly understanding about someone being down in the dumps. Why wouldn't they be? It has happened to them, too; so they can easily relate. However, when it becomes a regular thing and you're always a downer to be around and you're making no effort to improve... people start to pull back. That's because if you hang around depressing people, it depresses you and drains your energy. Who wants to be depressed? Again, if your hand is up, go see a psychologist already.