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5 Things I Learned While Live-Blogging the Grammys

#4. Rock may be dying, but the Grammys love the Dave Grohl!

Foo Fighters Grammys 2012

The big story may have been Adele’s six big wins, but no less newsworthy was the fact that the Foo Fighters, who won four of their awards off-screen prior to the live show, won five statues and were the leaders up until about 10:20 p.m. Eastern. A big story this year has been the decline of rock radio; a rock radio #1 gets a fraction of the listeners as a Hot 100 #1 does, and most major cities are losing their rock-formatted stations to other formats. But the Foo Fighters were up for Album of the Year against Adele, and had she not had the most dominating album of 2011 by a long shot, this could have been a very different story. Would White Limo beating 21 have been the biggest Grammy upset in years? Quite possibly. But it was never close to happening, and the domination of the album served more to highlight just how few great mainstream rock albums there really were in 2011.