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7 New Year's Resolutions I Invite Others to Steal

Friday - Mind

5. Read Five "Big Books of Anti-Marxism" That I've Put Off Too Long.

My writing project for 2013 is to expand and develop my list of counterculture conservative books. Here are five extra long ones that I intend to finally discipline myself into reading:

(I think if I read both Witness and Atlas Shrugged simultaneously then I can balance the positive and negative reactions of both my Catholic and Objectivist friends...)

Saturday - Body

Can I finally kick the fast food addiction this year? Yes. Anyone want to join me?

6. Stop Sacrificing my Health on the Altar of Workaholism. Every Morning I Will Really RUN with Maura Instead of Making an Excuse and Just Doing a Short Walk. And April and I have Agreed to Again attempt a Pescatarian (vegetarianism + fish and shellfish) Diet Accompanied by the Elimination of Refined Sugar.

Here's where I rip off Charlie Martin's format. Every Saturday I'm going to report on my own exercise and dieting adventures. Any other PJMers want to start experimenting with different combinations of programs? The more the merrier.

For me I approach the eating and exercising from opposite direction -- I need to gain weight, especially muscle. Too many years of skipping meals and running on caffeine and sugar have taken their toll. No more.