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7 New Year's Resolutions I Invite Others to Steal

Wednesday - Laughter

Hat tip to Evan Pokroy

3. Take a Break From Arguing with Obama Cultists, Postmodern Marxists, Atheists, Moral Relativists, Racists, Secular Fundamentalists, Anarchists, and Antisemites on Facebook. Instead Start Finding and Sharing More Humorous Stuff on my Twitter and Facebook and Here at PJ Lifestyle.

I think I've done about as much research as I can stomach for now. Maybe in another few months I'll take it up again, but my preoccupation with arguing against those who still preach the kind of nonsense I once believed is too disturbing and distracting. I've recorded the dialogues for further analysis and blogging in the future as sequels to the first visual presentation of an ongoing series I call 10 Tips for How to Talk to a Marxist Who Thinks He’s a Liberal (If You Must). But for now I think I've learned all I can from progressive Jews who refuse to declare Nazism and human sacrifice as objective evils. SERIOUSLY! She insisted that "in her opinion" Nazism was worse than liberalism. But I could not get her to say she believed anything was evil. She was even defending prostitution, saying only that temple prostitution was "forbidden," not evil. And she had the gall to tell me that because I was not fluent in Hebrew like her that I could not understand the Torah.

So on Wednesdays I'll try to take a day off from worrying about all the people in this world who don't have the courage or understanding to declare anything an evil that must be eradicated. It'll be a day of laughter and comedy in the items I blog at PJ Lifestyle.