An Iranian-American in Defense of Shahs of Sunset

Shahs of Sunset pokes a finger in the eye of the progeny of Khomeini and their thugocrats by showing the real Iranian vs. the scuzzy, ultraconservative Islamo-Imperialist perennially on the warpath with the entire planet. The show provides other Americans a snapshot of a slice of the Iranian-American landscape and offers viewers accessible characters to identify with, in stark distinction from the beardie-wierdies routinely force-fed to us by the mainstream media.

Another thing I do love about this show is that it depicts Iranians as comfortably assimilated, albeit attached to their "Iranianness." They relish that part of their background and yet they’ve very nicely co-mingled with the ideal of the American melting pot. I suspect this because Iran is a multi-ethnic nation, a patchwork of sister and cousin bloodlines that have all meshed together to create a striking identity.

Anyhow, from where I stand, if we cannot even tolerate the manifold aspects of ourselves, I wonder how we can push for a free Iran. Or do we want to just be eternally doing the regime’s dirty work for it by denying who we are? I say: put your money where your mouth is and live and let live.


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