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The 5 Best Christmas Movie Fathers

3. George Bailey, The Put-Family-First Father

From a forgotten father to an iconic father, I give you George Bailey. Truth be told, It's A Wonderful Life is my favorite Christmas movie and one of my top two favorite movies in any category. I love this film. And who doesn't cherish George Bailey as one of the great fathers in cinematic history?

George struggles financially but takes care of his wife and kids all while honoring his father's legacy and helping the community. When given opportunities in life to help himself but maybe not his family, George always puts family first. He captures so much of what all dads should strive to be. He makes mistakes like all of us and almost forgets what matters most, but in the end, he makes the right choices.

"In spite of his frustration and dreams, George honors his father’s work and keeps the Savings & Loan running. With a drafty house, sick kids, low wages, work stresses, and a normal man’s frustrations, he loves and supports his family. Is it easy? Heck no. But he comes through." - Harold Pond, The Art of Manliness

Every caring father can relate to George. Life is tough, filled with challenges and obstacles. Sometimes we even make poor decisions when striving for the right ones. We love our families so much that sometime we can even hurt them when we put too much stress on ourselves. It can be hard to prioritize what matters most with so many stresses and so many options. George, like all of us, even loses perspective at one point. Thankfully he gains it back as his family reminds him of what he taught them: nothing is more important than family and friends.