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13 Weeks: Week Seven, In Which We Whine

I've been very successful at staying on the eating plan, but not as successful about the heavy weight lifting part, so I've adapted. I got some heavier kettlebells, and I've been doing the Tabata protocol with kettlebell exercises, including a lot of kettlebell swings. in fact, I got up Thursday morning, sore toe and all, and did a heavy workout.

Went to the office.

Realized my body was talking to me. It was saying, quote, "What the F**k was that!?"

All day Thursday, my arms were tingly and tired. Friday morning, it was the muscles of my inner thighs, the adductors and gracilis. AND my shoulders and arms. What this demonstrates, of course, is that the kettlebells, especially kettlebell swings, really do get a lot of different muscles groups.

Went to the office, and there was Christmas coffeecake waiting. Yes, I did resist, helped in no small part by knowing the last time I broke training with some wheat, I was sick for days. But it sure looked good.

The last thing I've been noticing this week is that I seem to spend a lot of time thinking about food. Where to get it, what to eat, did I record it? I'd like to be able to, say, get a McDonald's breakfast on a hurried morning.

What's the point of all this whining? Besides the pleasure of complaining in itself? Well, as I see it, it's this. As I said last week, the thrill of the eating plan is pretty much gone. The original spectacular rate of loss has settled down to something close to what would be predicted by the calorie deficit alone. Which is still fine -- I'm eating bacon and eggs, and chicken, and steak, and big salads, and I really don't feel hungry. My blood sugar is looking much better, but that's a fairly abstract thing to notice too. And after seven weeks, it's now a matter of just keeping on.

This week, I've got Christmas coming up, of course, but I'm going to be very careful about the wheat after the way Thanksgiving went. I have the week off, and two more heavy kettlebells coming, and time to actually get to lift. Oh, and I got a Withings scale -- it transmits your weight over WiFi. I'll have a review of it next week.

It should be a good week.