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Doomsday Preppers Week 6: Escape From New York

We've made note through the previous five weeks of the season which preppers were spending their time and energy preparing for rational disasters, and which folks were preparing for events that are nothing more than paranoid fantasy. Margaret Ling is a Florida transplant to New York who bears the unique distinction of being the first prepper in two seasons of the show who actually faced the disaster she was preparing for head-on before the show aired.


Ling was trapped in her home in Florida during Hurricane Katrina's less famous 2005 landfall on the Sunshine State prior to moving north and encountering Sandy. She's a storm magnet.

Her bug-out plan in the event of a disaster is to walk upstate, all the way to the Canadian border. Now, I'm all for exercise, but let's be realistic here for a moment. The commuter corridor in the northeast is nothing if not heavily developed, and hurricanes don't exactly sneak up on you in this day and age of weather satellites and 24-hour news channels screaming Deathmageddon 2012 is coming for your soul!

Commuter stations run north on both sides of the Hudson, and there are dozens of bedroom communities that would be far more logical stops than fleeing on foot all the way to the border. Here's a hint for Ms. Ling: Take MetroNorth to Beacon, then hitchike over the bridge to Newburgh. Maybe one of the guys from American Chopper will let you crash at his place.

A pretty young woman, Margaret is worried about being taken advantage of, so she's taking Krav Maga, a brutally effective Israeli martial art that doesn't play around with pretty forms and goes straight to the butt-whuppin'. Matan Gavish is her Krav instructor and guide in her "escape" 14 miles on foot up Manhattan, through the parks in the center of the island, and across the George Washington Bridge.