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5 Psychological Defense Mechanisms You Probably Use Without Realizing It

3) Idealization

All of us love to put other human beings up on a pedestal where we can imagine that they have the solution to all our problems, but it's not real. Your mom may be wonderful, but she's not a saint. That model may be hot, but you might not like her very much if she were 20 pounds heavier and had a bigger nose. If you were actually around your favorite musician or actor for a week, you might very well conclude that he is a self-centered jerk. It's easy to think otherwise, but there's a reason people say, "Familiarity breeds contempt." That doesn't necessarily mean that the more you get to know people the less you'll like them, but it does mean that the idealized vision you have in your head is going to prove to be wrong in a number of ways that will make them less attractive than you had anticipated.