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Giving in to the Call of Adventure in a 2013 Jeep Wrangler Moab

Probably because of my occupation and being around Washington too long, when I saw "Moab" I thought not of Utah, the actual namesake of the special edition, but "Mother of All Bombs." So naturally, the new ride gets a nickname fitting for the defense secretary most associated with the MOAB: Rummy.

Rummy's first task was a Friday night trip into DC, where I ironically took this gas guzzler (17 city/21 highway) to an NPR (I'm a regular guest) Christmas party. Even though it was held at a poetry slam bar with eco-friendly cocktails and sustainable wine, Rummy was a hit and the NPR folks gushed over my new warmongering baby.

On Saturday, it was time to try out the car in more than just the urban jungle. I drove west to the George Washington National Forest, where the GPS system helpfully got me lost on a narrow, bumpy dirt and gravel road -- with a locked gate at the end, so I had to reverse nearly a quarter mile to get out of there. By the time I was headed back, I really felt like I'd "broken in" the Jeep as it had a much easier time with the high-speed highway hills. Of course, this isn't a fast-lane car to begin with. But I get to drive over stuff.