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Why Occupy Values Lead to Occupy Violence

Conner Stevens, Brandon Baxter, Joshua Stafford, Doug Wright

Most Occupy groups also abide by a mutually agreed upon “security culture” which pits the protesters against law enforcement, taking the position that the authorities are the enemy. A wide variety of (usually leftist) protest groups implement these policies when they engage in sensitive or illegal activities that may put group members in jeopardy. According to a standard security culture guide, in order to maintain a secure environment, one should not discuss the following:

  • Your own or someone else's involvement with an underground group
  • Someone else's desire to get involved with such a group
  • Asking others if they are a member of an underground group
  • Your own or someone else's participation in any action that was illegal
  • Someone else's advocacy for such actions
  • Your plans or someone else's plans for a future action

The groups permit very limited exceptions including:

The second exception occurs after an activist has been arrested and brought to trial. If s/he is found guilty, this activist can freely speak of the actions for which s/he was convicted. However, s/he must never give information that would help the authorities determine who else participated in illegal activities.

They take this very seriously.

To give you an idea of just how deeply this ethos permeates the Occupy movement, a website dedicated to supporting the “Cleveland 5” (Cleveland 5 Justice) launched shortly after their arrests in June of 2011. It originally launched as cleveland5justice.org and included updates about the case and all five of the defendents. But in an unexpected twist, Anthony “Tony” Hayne went over to the dark side, leaving his supporters with no choice but to shun him:

Around 9:30 AM Anthony Hayne formally entered into a cooperating plea agreement with the government on the basis that he was found guilty on all three charges. ... As the Cleveland 5 support group, as friends and loved ones of all of them, we are shocked by his decision. Particularly by his decision to enter into a plea that would, by its nature, require the exchange of information that would implicate and/or potentially make worse the case of his other co-defendants. As this is and will remain a political case, we can no longer express support and advocacy on the behalf of Anthony. As was explained to and agreed upon by the co-defendants, our support only exists as long as they stay strictly non-cooperative with the government. ... We our deeply saddened by his decision and hope that, in the end, it does not hurt the other four, who continue to struggle for the justice they deserve.

Tony is dead to them. Five days later they renamed the group “Free the Cleveland 4,” launching a new website and redirecting the old one to the new address. These people mean business. What happens in Occupy is supposed to stay in Occupy and Tony broke the rules.

So, as we start 2013, we can all breathe a little easier knowing the Feds locked up a handful of would-be terrorists in Cleveland. The rest of the group scattered, along with the majority of the Occupy movement around the country. Of course, we just watched union mobs occupying the national stage as their mobs stormed Lansing, upending tents and throwing punches. Some on the left, including President Civility, refuse to condemn the violent "diversity of tactics," apparently finding the behavior acceptable as long as it accomplished what they considered to be the greater good.

Postmodern thoughts and attitudes do not belong solely to the Occupy movement; they run rampant on the Left. With continued high rates of unemployment and inflation, more union clashes on the horizon, and mass economic mismanagement by government officials, the potential for violence from leftist groups will continue to threaten our peace and the rule of law. When everyone does what is right in his own eyes and loyalty to comrades is greater than loyalty to God and country, our American tradition of self-government becomes divorced from morality. That trajectory inevitably leads to a state of lawless mob rule.


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