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Why the Modern Liberal Has Never Had a Mature Thought in His Life

From the time of his birth, poverty was so near to extinction that just to be able to call any American save for the utter fringe (most notably the drug- addled and the mentally ill) “impoverished” required that an entirely new definition be invented – a definition of such fabulous riches that it is easily conceivable that even kings and tsars and popes of yore might well have happily traded for it. Such, in fact, was the plot of the Eddie Murphy/Arsenio Hall movie Coming to America. And that was a modern-day kingdom.

During this time hunger became so easily avoidable that anyone who found a dollar in the street could enjoy a three-course gourmet meal prepared by a world-class chef, available for effortless microwaving at any of tens of thousands of 99 Cents Only and Dollar Stores. In fact, those born into this time and this place need never have even long suffered a headache or a charley horse as a drug recognized as nothing less than a miracle by those who had lived without it - aspirin – was never not in their lives and never not just a few steps away.

From the dawn of time until the dawn of the Modern Liberal era people had had to think – they had had to use their intellect in order to discover and then practice the better ways – because being wrong came with the potential for dire consequences. For millions and millions born in America after the Second World War, with these potential consequences all but eliminated, thinking became a relic, their mind nearly as unneeded and unused as their appendix.

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