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Doomsday Preppers Week 5: Hot Sauce and Helicopters

Ryan Croft lives with his wife and five teenage sons in the suburbs of Asheville, North Carolina. He is -- like so many preppers -- preparing for a financial collapse.

I'm not going to sit and wait for someone else to come up with solutions. I've been involved with government. Their solutions suuuuuck.

While many preppers have a bug-out plan, Croft is devoted to his community and plans to do whatever it takes to help people survive if the worst happens. That is a very tall order in the mountains of western NC, where the show says just one percent of the food consumed is grown locally. His solution?

Yummy, tasty algae.

Spirulina algae to be specific, which was cultivated by Mesoamerican cultures including the Aztecs in temperate regions; it was an ingredient in a tasty cake they called"techuitlatl" (according to Wikipedia, which never gets things wrong). The nutritional value of Spirulina is as a complex protein, but the cost effectiveness of raising a tropical algae in the cold waters of the Appalachian Mountains is, in my mind, questionable.

If a delicious glass of algae isn't your, uh, cup of tea, Ryan has another idea for your prepper meal: earthworms. Ryan's advice for an ingestion helper is something I've noticed holds true fairly universally.

Hot sauce goes a long way with helping you to eat things that you normally wouldn't eat.

Depending on his unconventional foods, primitive survival techniques, and his Air Force survival training, Ryan has only amassed a 3-4 months worth of food. He believes that for long-term survival, you have to be able to live off the land.

And mice. Which carry tapeworms. Which you would have to eat 17 of a day. Yum.