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Doomsday Preppers Week 5: Hot Sauce and Helicopters

Josh Wander is an orthodox Jewish father who moved his family from Jerusalem, Israel, to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he is running for city council. He fears that a series of terrorist attacks against the United States is imminent and he is using his campaign for city council to educate his community about prepping.

There are lots of politicians who claim they want what is best for their constituents. Mr. Wander has the distinction of being one of the few people I've witnessed that became a politician because he's seen horror in his homeland as a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). He thinks he really can help save the lives of his potential constituents.

Josh is prepping to "bug in," for at least three months.

An interesting complication for Josh's family is that in keeping with his faith, he must find certified kosher long-term food storage items. It has taken him a considerable amount of time, but he has obtained a considerable amount of kosher MREs. It was amusing to watch one of his daughters react to him opening a cooked MRE and taking a bite: "It looks like barf." I love kids.

Despite the great pains he has taken to make certain that his foods are kosher, his family raises rabbits as an emergency source of food. Their faith makes allowances for people to eat non-kosher foods to sustain life.

Like other preppers, Josh has trained his older children to shoot. Unlike most, however, he takes them shooting every week. The show doesn't delve into the Wander family's personal security plans, but with the two older children trained weekly to handle multiple firearms, I suspect they could hold their own in a defensive position against untrained mobs if things got rough.

While I never really thought of it before Josh mentioned it, Jews have perfected the "bug-out," as chronicled in Exodus and in countless retreats from oppression in countries around the world. They're still here, despite numerous pogroms and genocides directed against them. That Josh desires to share this hope for survival with his entire community is commendable.

Josh Wander was prepping for three months. The experts give him a year.

The Wander family feels the condition of the United States has deteriorated so much since the show was taped that they are considering moving back to Israel, a nation surrounded by enemies.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Thanks, Barack.