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5 Things About Getting Older That Shouldn't Have Surprised Me ... But Did

3) You never finish learning and growing: I'm a psychology major who, in my lifetime, has read more than 2,000 books, interviewed numerous successful people, and regularly asked for advice from some of the high achievers in my field. Have I learned a lot? Oh, you bet. I've done speeches and radio shows, talked people out of committing suicide, rescued feral cats, fired off machine guns, and taken Kung-Fu. I can explain complex economic theories and psychological concepts in a way so most people can understand them. My writing has been discussed in print or on the air in just about every meaningful conservative outlet in the United States, etc., etc., etc. Yet the only thing I've realized is that Socrates was right: "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."

Throughout a good portion of my life, I thought I was 95% there. I kept thinking I had ALMOST figured everything out. But every time I learned a little more, I realized there was even more I didn't know. No matter how much I learn and grow, there's still more -- vast, almost infinite amounts of more that I still haven't learned yet and wouldn't have time to learn if I lived to be a thousand years old.