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5 Hidden Gems to Visit in Israel


4. St. George’s Cathedral Pilgrim Guesthouse

We stumbled on this literal "hidden gem" on our way to Damascus Gate from our hotel in Jerusalem.

The doors to the courtyard were open, so we strolled through and discovered an exquisite oasis.

This was St. George's Cathedral, which also runs a pilgrim guesthouse.

The Cathedral was established in 1899, and is Anglican, so everything about it reflects its British heritage, like this Kiplingesque plaque:

The needlepoint kneelers (seen here) are donated from Anglican parishes around the world. In turn, visitors often return to their home countries and start up similar projects for their parish church.

Also, since it's Church of England, the diocese itself is kind of... liberal.

(For instance, one report says convicted spy Mordechai Vanunu has been staying there since his release from prison.)

So I'm not sure I could cope with that, even in exchange for the chance to stay at such a quaint, peaceful (if spartan) spot that is still close to the heart of Jerusalem.

Something to think about for next time...

P.S.: Not being C. of E., I can't speak for the Sunday services either way, but one of Ship of Fools' infamous "Mystery Worshipers" took notes.