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The 5 Most Overrated Pop Culture Heroines

4. Wonder Woman, The "Anything Men Can Do, Women Can Do Better" Hero

Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, comes from Paradise Island, home of a super female race trained in literature, art, and athletics. When Major Steve Trevor’s fighter plane crashes on the beach, Diana nurses him back to traveling health and, against the wishes of her mother, the queen, wins the  contest for the privilege of returning Major Trevor to the U.S.. She receives a golden belt to preserve her physical advantages while away from Paradise Island. She returns Steve to the U.S. and stays to help in the war against the Nazis.

If Wonder Woman were more recent, I would have listed her as the most overrated for hocking the superior woman theory. There is a virulent strain of feminism that thinks that women are better than men, that we make better leaders than men because we are more compassionate, peaceful, etc. Wonder Woman is that theory set to myth. For illustration, I recommend the original TV theme song, which contains lyrical gems such as “Make a hawk a dove/ Stop a war with love/ Make a liar tell the truth," but the “bullets and bracelets” speech from the pilot is priceless. "Only a woman..."