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Doomsday Preppers Week 3: Child Abuse

Steven Vanasse and his family have joined the Perez family at "The Alamo." A former lawyer and undertaker who bears a passing resemblance to Randy Quaid in both features and mannerisms, Vanasse works as a corporate radiation safety officer. Like Perez, Vanasse wants to teach his teenage daughter Victoria and wife Gobriela to shoot so that they can defend themselves. This is different than deploying your children as soldiers.

Animal rights activists will likely have a fit over this episode of Preppers, and it isn't difficult to see why. A "rite of passage" for the Perez boys is the slaughter of a trussed-up goat with a knife by slitting its throat. Some will make the argument that in a worst-case scenario, ammunition (remember, they have 46,000 rounds) will be at a premium, and they will be forced to use knives or otherwise "make do" to take game.

As a longtime hunter, I understand the taking of an animal's life for sustenance, but killing for necessity isn't what we're watching here.

We're watching an apprehensive 12-year-old Tommy slit an animal's throat so daddy can live out some sort of sick fantasy, as a visibly shaken 6-year-old Matthew looks away from the spurting blood. Tom then wipes blood on their faces as a "symbolic gesture" of their "passage" into "manhood."

It made me ill to watch.