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TUESDAY NEW RELEASES: Alicia Keys’ Girl on Fire Set to Ignite the Post-Thanksgiving Lull

New Releases: DVD / Blu-Ray

- - - - -

Lawless (DVD / Blu-Ray)

For those who can’t get enough Boardwalk Empire, this update of the historical novel The Wettest County in the World puts prohibition-era Moonshine Wars into crisp “Copperhead Road”-esque focus. The film features strong performances from Shia LeBeouf and Tom Hardy, who stand tall as part of an ensemble cast.

ParaNorman (DVD / Blu-Ray)

Step-Up Revolution (DVD / Blu-Ray)

The Apparition (DVD / Blu-Ray)

Hot in Cleveland: Season Three (DVD)

Men In Black 3 (DVD / Blu-Ray)

Will Smith goes back in time to save Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K from assassination, giving Josh Brolin all the room he needs to steal the show from both MiB veterans. The highest-grossing film in the series, another sequel seems all but assured.

The Day (DVD / Blu-Ray)

Sparkle (DVD / Blu-Ray)

Stargate Atlantis: Season 5 (DVD / Blu-Ray)

Luck: The Complete First Season (DVD / Blu-Ray)

This now-cancelled series deserves a second look as an example of ensemble character study filtered through the world of horse-racing. Luck features Dustin Hoffman’s best acting in years, alongside what Linda Steel of the New York Post dubbed “writing so spot-on it’s poetic,” in the best show of 2012 you won’t get to see in 2013. See one of Luck's beautifully-shot horse-races in the video below.

- - - - -

This week we focus on two of the year’s best box-set reissues, from the Who and Johnny Cash, along with the best ear-buds on the market to aid in your listening enjoyment. Plus: an HD 3D computer monitor capable of anchoring your home theater system!