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How I Became a Social Conservative by Default

Ever heard someone say, "I didn't leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me?" I get that on a very personal level, except in reverse, because I didn't become a social conservative, social conservatism came toward me. Granted, many social conservatives who would be reluctant to count me amongst their ranks, and as someone who has been saying for years that I'm more socially conservative than the average person, but not an actual social conservative, I wouldn't blame them.

Yes, I'm a Southern Baptist, I regularly pray to God, and I genuinely enjoy books like Peace of  Soul and The Purpose Driven Life, but my church attendance is spotty at best.

After feeling guilty about stealing, I deleted my downloaded MP3 collection and bought it all from scratch legally, but it still contains everything from gangster rap to raunchy pop.

I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, or gamble and I rarely curse, but it has nothing to do with moral concerns.

I try to be a good guy, but politics is a knife fight in a phone booth where nice guys finish last, so if need be, I can be as vicious as just about anyone you'll run across on the Right.