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12 Tips for Success in Your First 5K Run

7. Even as a beginner, it is important to begin to incorporate proper running form into your training runs. As you gain more running experience, you will notice when your form slips and the difference in pace when this happens. It takes time to get proficient, but it is always best to start as you plan to proceed. Joining a good running group or training group such as Team Philly will have coaches/mentors available to help you perfect your running form.

8. You may believe that the 5K your are planning to participate in is your 'Mt. Everest'.  Although, at times during your training it may seem as though it is, I can tell you plainly that it is not. If you choose to continue, it is the beginning of an amazing running journey. I can promise you there will come a point where you stop qualifying yourself as only a '5K runner' to one that is training for the next running milestone of a 10K, 10 miler, Half Marathon or Marathon. Before long you might find yourself registered for a Sprint Triathlon as part of your training for an upcoming Marathon.

9. Everything you've heard about a runners high is true and it is magnificent.

10. As with every sport, there is a downside - race day photos. Oh holy running gods, mine are hideous and so will yours, it is an unavoidable aspect of race day. I typically cry when viewing my race day photos. However, I'm not alone in this misery when Mark Remy asks why Brightroom hates him. So say we all.

11. Cotton T-shirts are the enemy. Invest in running apparel with moisture wicking material for a more comfortable, chafe-free run. Speaking of chafe, you may want to pick up some Body Glide which is a skin lubricant that prevents blistering and chafing in sensitive areas.

12. One more important item - On race day make an effort to thank the volunteers who really make these races possible.

I hope this list is of use to new runners or those considering taking up running. I promise you will not regret the decision. New to running? Have you completed a 5K? Share your running journey (so far) in the comment section below.


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