Whitewashing Pedophilia at PBS


“the controversy surrounding Kevin's personal life has become a distraction that none of us want.”

The “controversy?” “Personal life?” Let’s call it what it really is: criminal allegations of child rape. It isn’t personal, unless you are a member of NAMBLA, when an adult engages in sex with a minor boy. It is public. It is against the law.

Nor is it a “controversy.” It is a crime.

Is this the world the supporters of government-funded broadcast media want? Do they really want a world where criminal pedophiles are excused because of their good work for 28 years? Is anything that involves alleged crimes by gay pedophiles an intrusion into someone’s “personal life?”

It seems so.

Even late today, the accused pedophile Clash is featured prominently on the Sesame Workshop webpage. The front page has this graphic containing Clash’s photo.


The photo links to this page that says:

Congratulations to the Sesame Workshop team for receiving an Emmy for Growing Hope Against Hunger, a special focusing on the invisible crisis of food insecurity in the United States. Food insecurity is a difficult issue for parents and children to discuss, and Growing Hope Against Hunger sought to present personal stories about food insecure families that would help raise awareness about hunger as well strategies that have helped these families grow stronger and more secure. Congratulations to . . . Producer Kevin Clash.

Here’s what PBS should say instead:

We are disgusted by the allegations against Kevin Clash. We at PBS take our responsibility as a publicly supported corporation seriously. Child sexual abuse is a tragic crime and will never be tolerated. Unfortunately, Mr. Clash was placed in a position where he had access to children as the voice of Elmo and that cannot continue. We know that pedophilia is a crime that affects lives well into adulthood and we will do all we can to help any victims.

That’s the only reaction America should tolerate from PBS. After all, we pay the bills.


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