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Doomsday Preppers Week 2: How To Destroy Your Internet Marriage Without Even Trying

Jay Blevins is worried about the breakdown of social order following an economic collapse, which is a recurring theme so far this season, being the scenario cited by three of this season's six preppers so far. It seems clear that President Obama's economic policies are having the same effect on the disaster prep industry as it has on the gun industry.

The Blevins family lives in Berryville, VA, roughly 60 miles west of Washington, D.C. A former law enforcement officer, Jay believes in the "sheltering in place" model of prepping, versus the "bug-out" model that all of last week's preppers chose. He has decided to fortify his stately suburban cul-de-sac home instead of fleeing for the hills. His use of pre-cut 3/4" plywood sheets to prevent entry through first-floor windows is fairly solid conceptually, and would probably work against the random mob violence and looting he's prepping against.

After mentioning his "circle of force," Jay whips up a batch of home-brewed pepper spray that he makes out of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and hot sauce and, better yet, convinces two men in his prepper group to be shot with it. They go down in pain and misery (to our amusement), but it's obvious that the home brew doesn't work as good as the commercial-grade product.

Jay has also developed a quick reaction force out of his local prepper network made up of neighbors. There's no way to know how effective they would be, but a dozen or more armed opponents would probably do a decent job of persuading looters that they'd rather be elsewhere.